10 Things you should know when booking your Bachelorette Trip!

      1. Reserve Early

The early bird catches the best venues. 🎉😊 If you make last minute reservations you might find packed venues and reserve small crowded areas. We highly recommend securing your dates early so that you can plan the best bachelorette trip. 

      2. Knowing the right activities for your group

Whether it’s a yacht, catamaran, cenote or nightlife tour,  know the best activities. 

You can’t go wrong with a yacht party as long as you express your dietary requirements : Summer by the Sea with Yachting and Sailing Experience in Playa Del Carmen

      3. Hiring the right Bachelor and Bachelorette Representative

It could be harder than what you thought.  Know who you are hiring before you do since there are different companies offering services. 

      4. Keep in contact

Contact with your hired company before you take off to know how you will keep in contact.

       5. Transportation

If you hired a transportation, always passed a room number to your event organization because a lot of hotels requires transportation room number to let them enter the lobby for pick up.

      6. Payment Methods

You should ask about payment methods since there is usually processing fees in credit card, online payments and bank transfers and less on a cash payment.

       7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Ask to see what you might need to bring, shoe wear, dress code, towels, mosquito repellent etc.

       8. Be Early

Be 10 mins prior to pick up or starting of activity since usually that is the time lost on your activity if you are late and there is no way of getting it back in most cases. 

      9. Confirmation

Let your your event organizer know how many people will come to confirm in advance in order to avoid charges, or organization errors.

      10. Have Fun! 😍

Come with a big smile and have fun. 

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