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ABOUT US Playa del Carmen Bachelorette

About us- we have been in Playa Del Carmen taking care of groups for more than 6 years, assisting in making sure that their vacation is enjoyable, relax and safe while celebrating vacation time or special events in Playa del Carmen.

We usually do go an extra mile to make our guests feel like they have a friend in this town to go around and enjoy anything from the night life to any day activity, or just a quick recommendation instead of falling into any tourist trap.

We have excel in not only creating for our clients a great event planning and so a stress free vacation, but we have made friends all over the world that keep on recommending us to their friends and relatives to come and take advantage of our services when visiting Playa del Carmen. As the number of our friends and our company are expanding, we also acknowledge the value of sharing the rewards with others and giving back not only to our clients but also to good causes in the area, trying to make at least a bit of a difference in the world.

About us playa del carmen bachelorette


To give our customers their best bachelor and bachelorette parties in Playa del Carmen and its surrounding area. Create beautiful events that our clients will never forget, organizing everything to perfection, to the smallest detail and making their time in Playa del Carmen, the best times of their lives. Share our fruits through assisting local less fortunate children, families and helping animal care organizations.


To be the most recognized company of Bachelor and bachelorette parties in Playa del Carmen and in the world. Provide the most outstanding and innovative services while helping make this world a better place.




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