Bar hopping and bar crawl in Playa del Carmen

Are you ready to paddle from one bar to another getting drunk and having a real bar hopping or bar crawl experience, here is your chance. Taking you to 3 amazing bars out of the main nightclub street, so you can experience more of the bar culture rather than the nightclub culture in Playa del Carmen.

With two choices of our packages, with one you can enjoy the tour and finish at bar with life music. From there, you can continue and enjoy the night on your own or even better you can finish the night at a night club with our second package and all you can drink at the nightclub until the closing time.

You can also choose the Beercicleta tour, which is a great activity for your group to experience in the night life of Playa Del Carmen, we do need a minimum of 8 people and a max of 28 people can fit.

Are you ready to peddle from bar to bar on an adventure of games and exploration of different bars through the back streets of Playa del Carmen?

Come and join us and rediscover the bars that otherwise you would never hear about or see while in Playa del Carmen but on Beercicleta tour you can now live the experience and get drunk while doing it with our awesome party hosts.

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59 USD


+ Visit to 3 venues with open bar

+ National drinks

+ 4 hours event

+ High-spirited vibe

+ Party accessories

+ Groups of minimun 8 people, Maximum 14

+ Premium drinks and energy driks available with extra cost.

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