Best hotels for Bachelorette parties

The best hotels for bachelorette parties

From so many different hotels in Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya.  You might be wondering what are the best options for a bachelorette group.

The Most recommended accommodation for a bachelor or bachelorette group is

Hotels that are close to the city or with in the city because this will save you the headaches of transportation to do anything.

Hyatt hotel

top-rated hotel and only a few minutes walk to the downtown area of Playa del Carmen.  Also with a high-end beach club with dj and a great day club vibe.   Usually, a lot of yacht rentals in Playa del Carmen anchor in front of this beach club hotel to enjoy the vibe as well.  So you can get your yacht party in front of the hotel or stay in this great place with access to this high-end beach club.

bachelorette hotels in playa del carmen

The Hilton Hotel

Another amazing all-inclusive resort 3 blocks away from the heart of  Playa del Carmen.  With an amazing beachfront as well.  A great place for playa del carmen bachelorette groups.   Cater to more adults than families giving a bit more room for your parties and for adult fun activities.

best hotels for bachelorette parties


The Thompson Hotel

Also, a great place on 5th ave in Playa del Carmen with a great rooftop bar and restaurant.  Just an amazing view of the ocean and the city.   Also, with access to the rooftop swimming pool to enjoy a hot day sipping your cocktails.

These are some of the best hotels for bachelorette parties

in the area of Playacar whether villa rentals, Airbnb or the resorts there is also a good option.  15 min walk into downtown Playa del Carmen from different RIU resorts and the villas with beachfront.


For top villas and vacation rentals that best fit your bachelorette group close to the city.  A great perk not to have to hire transportation to go for a walk in downtown playa del carmen.   A bar hopping or a shopping and the freedom or walking back at any time.