Boat Tours Playa del Carmen

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Boat Tours Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa Del Carmen is a coastal city along the Caribbean Sea. Due to its prime geographical location of being situated in the Riviera Maya, it brings many tourists all through the year. This city has also been featured in many television shows such as The Geordie Shore and The Real Housewives of Vancouver, because of its beauty and exceptional natural views. Embarking its journey as a small fishing town,

Playa del Carmen has grown to be an attractive spot for boat rentals and cruising now.

Playa Del Carmen - Beach

Tourism in Playa del Carmen

The tourism sector of Mexico has developed significantly in the past few years which gave Playa del Carmen enough exposure to bring in people from other countries to visit.  Tourism activity was further increased when luxurious resorts, hotels, dining and entertaining places were built in the city. All of these delightful and diverting activities take place on a famous location called the Fifth Avenue in the city. The area covers Calle 1 norte to Calle 40. From the bay of the beach many markets, food streets lined with restaurants, local shops and entertainment venues are all open for the tourists coming in Fifth Avenue.

But apart from all the commercial activeness and taking people to Cozumel via ferry rides Playa del Carmen is more particularly known for its boating and sailing tours. The coastal city is an ideal location for boat tours around the area exploring the Caribbean Sea and indulging in other marine adventures.

Boating to Isla Mujeres and Cozumel

Playa del Carmen also allows its visitors to go onto the islands nearby, such as Isle Mujeres on the private boats which sail directly from the city of Playa del Carmen and Cancun. A catamaran is ready to pick you up from Playa del Carmen and take you on a ride in the Caribbean and reef parks. You can swim in the oceans or go snorkeling in the coral reef parks. A special buffet lunch is arranged for the tourists along with various tropical drinks available in the open bar along the beach.

  • What to expect on a boat tour in Playa del Carmen? 

There are different boat tours accessible to the tourists in Playa del Carmen. Depending on the boat rental tours you choose from, you will be allowed to take part in the different activities included in the package. Boat tours are very enjoyable and always in high demand by the people visiting the city because these tours on the boat usually tick off all the activities one thinks of doing on a Caribbean vacation.

The boat tours are kept affordable, for every person and have charges according to the services included in the packages. The complete package includes departure and arrival services given to the passengers from their hotel rooms, snacks, drinks and lunch meals with a coastal stop for snorkeling and beach games. 

Snorkeling gears and a guide for instructions will also be provided. Some boating services will give travellers traveling insurance too. 

People who don’t want to take up every service involved in the package can opt for just boating tours which cost less in comparison.

  • Renting a boat in Playa del Carmen

If you happen to be a sailor yourself you can rent a boat in Playa del Carmen and set out on a tour of your own. Renting out a yacht here is convenient and a fun way to discover the oceans the place in your own style taking the time according to your schedule. 

Or you can call upon your fellow sailors and have a memorable time sailing on in the Caribbean Sea. Don’t forget to take along the important documents which will be required by the rental companies before they issue a yacht under your name.

Playa del Carmen is situated near two docking cities of Cozumel and Puerto Morelos. These cities are the gateway to entering Playa del Carmen and you will need to clear out the immigration process in one of these cities in order to reach Playa del Carmen. Every passenger will need to carry their own passport, tourist cards, crew list, and yacht sailing license.

Boating in a yacht is a popular water activity and a great bachelor and bachelorette party idea in Playa del Carmen. One of the best places to sail out the yacht is Puerto Aventuras. 

So if you’re planning to go on a boat tour in Playa Carmen you know where to go.