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Cenote Snorkeling

Cenote Snorkeling – Here  Cenotes are a must to see if you are visiting the area. One they are unique to this part of the country where our rivers are all underground in most cases forming caves. Therefore Cenotes are created by the water circulation underground and the rains. In conclusion both of which cause depressions in the earth which collapse. Therefore this results in the numerous caves that give access to the underground water beds. Also caves with crystal clear water, grate rock formations. Often with a great open concept with greenery around them. For instance letting us swim in them. Also In other cases caves where you can snorkel to see the rock formations.Lastly in some other cases only diving can really show the beauty of these places.

They are just something magical to experience and with lots of history. Thus back in the day of the Mayans civilizations, they were believed to be passages to the underworld. One had to go through a process of ceremonial cleansing to be able to enter the waters. Here in the present days, in some of the Cenotes these ceremonies are still practiced and tourist can experience the magic of rejuvenation. Also the culture of the Mayans, their ways and lots of history.

Also enjoy an outing to beautiful caves with our knowledgeable hosts. In addtion people who have a sense of responsibility for maintaining the place in its ecological wellbeing, preserving its’ refreshing, clean and delightful waters. Thus keeping alive for the rest of us to live the magic of the Mayans

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69 USD
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  • Cenote with crystal clear fresh water to swim in
  • Friendly host
  • Equipment
  • Cenote Outing is about 3 hours long
  • Private transportation can be arrange for an extra cost.
    Optional stop at a restaurant after the tour (not included in the price)

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Do you want more information about this Outing? If so  Contact US ! or directly reserve with us pressing the button.

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