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Why settle for beach vibes over nightlife enjoying champagne (or vice versa) when you could have the best of both?

Are you browsing online for a party theme for your bachelorette party? With excitement and a celebratory ambience? Are you ready to pop the bubbly champagne with your friends to honor an upcoming marriage? If you answered “yes” then a champagne party might be the answer. Perfect for a bachelorette party, a champagne party gives a treat and fresh way to celebrate! 

Pop the bubbly champagne! Our Champagne bachelorette party theme is an excellent way of celebrating the bride-to-be. 

Champagne parties in Playa del Carmen 

Champagne has always been the drink that represents luxury at high-end parties. In short, only the best and as such, it cannot be missed by PLAYA DEL CARMEN BACHELORETTE. 

So, are you ready for Champagne everywhere? In Playa del Carmen Bachelorette we bring the delight of champagne to another level, only you decide where and how you want it. The moment you get in our private transportation after the tours, we will give you the BEST CHAMPAGNE on board.  

Playa del Carmen Bachelorette represents the most exclusive luxury services, with elegance and a real feeling of being part of our more selective VIP members of Playa del Carmen and the World. 



Champagne has become known as a sophisticated type of liquor that people usually drink when they are celebrating. A lot of people prefer to drink Champagne all over the world.

Before you decide to have a champagne party might as well read the do’s of how to drink, and impress your friends.

Do’s of drinking Champagne.

  • Serve your Champagne in a wine glass.
  • Twist the bottle when you are opening the Champagne. The best way to open a Champagne bottle is to hold the cage to keep the cork in place and open the wire. Twist the base of the bottle in an orbicular motion apart from the cork.
  • Hold the stem of the glass. When drinking champagne, make sure you hold the stem of the glass, not the bowl or else; you will warm up the Champagne too fast and it.
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Are you ready for the luxury???

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