What are Playa del Carmen Bachelor and Bachelorette?

We are a company specialized in organizing Bachelor and Bachelorette parties in Playa del Carmen and all of Riviera Maya, providing you with access to the best clubs and best entertainment of the area.

Whats the difference between hiring us or going on your own to the clubs?

Besides the fact that you save money on the drinks, we organize, reserve areas and our staff is there with you to accommodate your group! Think of this as the VIP elite experience of Playa del Carmen’s nightlife.

How many people have we managed at once?

We have worked with groups of 10 to 200 people, so you can trust our experience with small and big crowd!

Are tips included in the price of the tours?

Tips are not included! If you wish to tip our staff or the waiters and bartenders along the way, you are more than welcome to do so and we recommend to inform your party host to make sure the tip gets to the right person. The other option would be communicating to us and we will include the tip in the price.

How can we get to the tour and back?

If needed, we can provide your group with round trip transportation to and from your hotel. Otherwise, there are taxis available that you can take from your hotel and that can also be found throughout the night in Playa del Carmen.

Is it safe to party in Playa del Carmen?

Yes, Playa del Carmen is a safe place to party; throughout the night activities you will always be accompanied by at least one of our tour guides who knows most of the key people in town and at the clubs.

At what time and where is the meeting point for night activities?

The usual meeting place is at a bar of Playa del Carmen down-town and the time varies depending on the tour. After you have made your reservations you will receive a detailed email about meeting time and directions.

What are Cenotes?

Cenotes are a source of fascination formed by an extensive system of interconnected underground rivers. Caves with crystal clear water are perfect for snorkeling and some underwater ones are good for diving, you get to appreciate the formation of the rocks. The most beautiful cenotes end up being those with proper caves, though there are many open concept cenotes that are also amazing.

Is playa Del Carmen a good destination for bachelor and bachelorette parties?

Yes, Riviera Maya is the place where people celebrate over 50 weddings a week during the low season alone.  There is so much to do for “The last fling before the ring” in Playa Del Carmen, from private tours to most adventurous event planning.

How long are the catamaran tours to Isla Mujeres?

The catamaran tours to Isla Mujeres is 7 hours long plus  the transportation time. You get to ride the waves, snorkel, have fun exploring the island, and enjoy a big variety of food at a buffet/restaurant, all included in the prices and offers we provide you with.

How much are single drinks at the clubs and bars?

If you don’t get all you can drink in one of our tours, drink prices vary from place to place with the average price from 9-10 USD per cocktail or shot at the clubs and in most of the bars about 4-5 USD per beer.  As for premium bottle service, depending on the type of the alcohol the price is anywhere from 140 USD to 300 USD per bottle.

Can you arrange specific bottles of alcohol on private tours of catamaran and yacht?

Yes, we can arrange specific bottles of local alcohol for your taste to be on board. Keep in mind that we also provide a menu for premium alcohol bottles and cocktails for an extra cost.

Is Coco Bongo a good nightclub to go to?

Coco bongo has awesome shows style Las Vegas and it’s a good club no doubt, just be ready for a very large crowd, the place is always packed to maximum. Standing up tables are for all you can drink tickets. Areas for being seated are reserved for premium alcohol VIP service and Gold members, both are more expensive. If you purchase your tickets directly from the club, you must arrive early and do a lineup before you get inside, and Coco Bongo does not provide any reservation in the all you can drink area in this case. Buying through us you are guaranteed a reserved table, easy access inside the club, and assistance with service throughout the night.

Which Beach Club do we recommend?

There are few, all depending on your liking. One of the most popular where we organize parties is The Beach Club Coralina, being more of a high end beach club with higher conceptions. Another well-known beach club is Zenzi, more of a restaurant lounge and bar, less of the party type and offering a more relax atmosphere.

What are the benefits of hiring our company, Playa del Carmen Bachelorette?

In all of our private tours you are accompanied by a tour guide and party host, who are there to make sure your group feels safe and has a good time. With ease and worry free you can enjoy your time by letting us arrange everything for you. So, instead of having to do all the planning and arranging by yourself, experiencing stress and spending time away from fun thinking what to do and where to go, you can relax and rely on us for all the organization. It is our pleasure to make your stay as more relaxed and fun as possible, so you can delight to the maximum from your stay in our beautiful city Playa del Carmen.

How much do you charge for restaurant reservations?

We offer you FREE reservations for your group at any restaurant of Playa del Carmen. We can recommend you best restaurants in the city in accordance to your taste and wants. Though some restaurants due to their extreme popularity require a deposit that has to be covered.

How many people approximately are on a Non-Private Catamaran tour?

There are anywhere from 35 to 45 people on each catamaran.

Is transportation included from our hotel?

A few of our outings do include transportation in its price, and for those that don’t we can always arrange one. The extra cost will depend on the distance from the hotel you are staying in. The service of transportation we provide is usually cheaper than taking individual taxis.

Do you have transportation from airport to hotel and back?

Yes, we can arrange comfortable and luxurious transportation for your group from the airport to your resort and back.

Do you have any type of luxurious transportation?

We work with limousines, vans and even buses to meet your needs, including party vehicles from and to the airport and to any place in the area or excursion, all to make your ride a lot smoother, fun and stress free.

Do you offer or recommend places for accommodation?

Yes, we work with different luxurious villas, condos, resorts and hotels that are in the area and close to all the fun. We make sure you are in a beautiful and centrical setting of Playa del Carmen and not in the middle of nowhere.

When going out at night, do we recommend the all you can drink option?

We usually recommend the open bar option, because you save money and you know that you are paying a set price. The only thing that is not included in that price are the tips, and if you wish you have an option to arrange with us prior to the event a set price including tips.

Is the alcohol in the open bar good?

With the open bar option you get such brands as Bacardi Smirnoff and Tequila Jose Cuervo. What type of alcohol will be served is of course depends on the night club, sometimes those are premium brands and some other times it is locally produced alcohol that is very similar to premium.

Do Night Clubs have cover fees?

The Night Clubs in Playa del Carmen most have a cover fee, though some of them start to charge every night as soon as they get busy about 150 to 200 pesos, others don’t charge at all, or all depending on the person at the door. If we make reservations for your group we will inform you if we can waive the entry fee because it depends on the night, the time and the club you will want to go to.

What night clubs are good in Playa del Carmen?

It depends on which night of the week and on the high or low season. You are welcome to contact us and we will gladly inform you which club is good for that particular night or the best one matching your interests.  Every club has its atmosphere, our job is to escort you to the best ones.

Are the strip clubs safe in Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya?

Yes, they are very safe and we have some nice places to recommend.

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