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One nightclub all night

When we make a FREE reservation for premium bottle consumption at nightclub, all you have to do is relax and let us take care of all of your arrangements.  Some of the tables on PREMIUM bottle service require a minimum consumption, depending on the number of people in your group, Mixes included for each bottle are sufficient to finish probably half of the bottle and have to ask for extra mixes obviously at an extra cost. With Premium bottle service, you are already consider VIP clients, in which case you will already get better service then other tables if you want it.  We can also provide you with a party host to solve any inconvenience that might present itself, to make sure you are getting a good service and that your night will be the BEST!

In the same manner we can organize an all-night outing with all you can drink service with us until 3:30am and table service, unlimited bottle service from the open bar in any of the nightclubs, except COCO BONGO.  You will be treated with a VIP service and you don’t have to worry about paying extra for extra mixes or bottles from the open bar.  Since both are unlimited, with the exception of energy drinks; with this service you will have a table in the area of all you can drink where you will find people from all over the world that enjoy this service as you do as well, with an obvious big difference that you will have us there to make sure your service is adequate, to have fun like never before and to make sure your night is an unforgeable memory.

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69 USD


  • A night club of your choice (Mandala, Vaquita, Blue Parrot, Palazzo, Tribecca) or we usually pick the busiest of the night or the one we think will have the best vibe that night
  • Open bar and all you can drink until 3:30 am
  • Table and reserved area
  • Unlimited bottle service from venue
  • Party host(s)
  • Entry fees included
  • No lineups

Do you want more information about this Outing? Contact US! or directly reserve with us pressing the button.