Tying the Knot on a Cruise

A Dream Wedding Destination

I love you … Today, tomorrow and forever.

There are hundreds of ways in which you can customize and personalize a wedding cruise to reflect your dream for your Big Day and stay true to your vision. Tying the knot on a cruise gives you so many options, including limitless venue choices, or even a moving venue. You have your wedding venue and reception all in one place.

Basking in the happiness of the moment and the excitement of your Big Day, you’re stressed out over what, where and when of how it will all come together. When you book a wedding cruise with Playa Del Carmen, all of this is seen to in the package, and a lot of the stress of planning a wedding is removed from your plate.

Turn Your Dream Into a Reality with Our Wedding Cruises

We’ll help you create a wedding day as fluid as the ocean; as beautiful as the scenery, as romantic as the sunset. 

Since the beginning of time, the sea has romanced explorers, poets and lovers, alike. Exchanging vows in the middle of the ocean can be the ultimate way to start your life together. It can be the awe-inspiring setting for your perfect wedding. On the beach, in a charming port or out at sea, start a new chapter of your love story with an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

Celebrate your love for one another at sea with Playa Del Carmen. However you spend it, you’ll definitely remember your wedding day forever. Picture your wedding photos with a blue sea-sky background or white-sand beach behind you and a gentle breeze through your hair. Discover the breathtaking possibilities on board and across the world for a wedding that’s unforgettable from beginning to end. 


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