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Playa del Carmen


Playa Del Carmen Wedding

Wedding day will be everything one has ever dreamed of. Experience a place where your heart and soul intimately embrace the pure pleasures of paradise. Surrounded by the tropical air of Riviera Maya and by the warm water of Caribbean waters, Playa del Carmen is the place to make your wedding dream became a reality.


1. Catholic Wedding

Catholics can be married in a local Riviera Maya churches. Catholic Wedding in Mexico is approved as official if all the proscribed documentation and requirements have been fulfilled. The ceremony can be performed in English or Spanish, your choice.

2. Symbolic Ceremony

If you have already been legally married in your own country and you may wish to relive your wedding in more formal and original way the symbolice ceremony is a touching way to renew your vows.

3. Cosmic Ceremony

The cosmic ceremony is an amazing and touching ritual of love. The couple can prepare their personal vows. The rings will be blessed in front of the four elements (earth, wind, water and fire – using colored flower petals) and the couple will be purified in front of the Cosmos with the use of Copal and water.

4. Mayan Ceremony

If you plan to make your wedding a pure ancient blessing of love, the right ceremony for you is the Mayan ceremony.

5. Civil Ceremony

The Civil Ceremony is a union for life and it is recognized as legal all over the world.

Playa del Carmen offers so many scenes for the ideal wedding! 

My love for you is a journey, starting at forever and ending at never. – Anonymous


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