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Pack your bags! Relaxing Party Weekend Getaway Yacht Travel

 Getaway, grab your heels or sandals and head out the door, for a weekend of sun, sand, relaxation, and more!

Getaway weekend Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen Bachelorette Experience over the riviera maya sea



People need party nights and a getaway weekend. All over the world. We all really like to stay in shape, what we like even more is a decent night out with our friends and as soon as the first beers are emptied, our conscience is drowning in alcohol. Though, there is really nothing wrong about a quality night with your friends. It makes us happy – and happiness is healthy.

With different destination to so close to you to choose from, here is a few ideas to help you make the right choice.

Los Cabos Sailing, Yachting or Fishing Weekend

Take a trip to Los Cabos for a Sailing trip or an amazing marlin fishing experience. One of the areas where more Marlins have to be caught than anywhere else in the world making for a great deep sea fishing adventure.  Also, enjoy the chance to go out searching for whales on the season, a magical natural moment that can only be seen here.

Cancun Yacht Rental Geta away

A party city like nowhere else with spring break but also an amazing ocean sightseeing from the underwater museum to crystal clear turquoise waters where you can catch the magic of turtles swimming near you.  There are so many places to do snorkeling in Cancun to fully live a great weekend vacation.

Playa del Carmen Yachts and Catamarans

With the popularity that Playa del Carmen has acquired in the past 15 years due to amazing snorkeling areas, Yacht and Catamaran Parties including fishing trips.  You will find anything for your group in one of these amazing yachting experiences or any of its Boat rentals options that will bring the highlight to your trip.


The Partying Traveler Getaway 🏖🍾🎆

You do not only de-stress, but you also boost your social life by partying and traveling. It is very important to gather the right people around you because if you don’t feel comfortable, you won’t be happy but if you have the right people accompanying you, party night can be the very best. Not only can you make memories for a lifetime, every night out also offers you to get lucky for the night or even for the long run.

After a long and fun night out with your friends here comes our relaxing and surprising, stress-free yacht adventure. This is our weekend getaway. Relax, Swim and Tan On a Private Yacht. We believe that every cruise is worth a thousand beautiful memories to cherish. A perfect way to relax is to spend time on the water and forget all about work although it does take a couple of days to really settle down and relax, trust us, been there, done that.

When you are surrounded by lovely positive people, pumping music and a cosy atmosphere your heart will open up and your body will thank you for that. If you gather the right company around you, a night out and a weekend getaway is a lot of fun. Yes, partying can really be healthy. Try not to get too hammered every weekend and go easy with the party snacks and go all-in with your dancing and singing skills and you will actually do something beneficial for yourself.



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