Bachelor Party Australian Style

Australian Style Bachelor party in Playa del Carmen was another success under our belt with a beautiful day on the yacht and lots of fun, and the boys had a great snorkelling yacht party in Playa del Carmen. Including a fishing tour, and have your fish to be cooked by our chef on board.

If you are looking for an Australian Bachelor party, then you have come to the right place. Australia’s way of doing a bachelor party usually lasts for a whole weekend. The Best Man often helps with planning a bucks party for the groom, but the groom can feel free to plan their own.

Bachelorette Party

Bachelor party for the groom

A typical bachelor party for the groom

 Here are some bachelor ideas for Playa del Carmen:

  • On a boat rentalThis could involve staying on a yacht for the weekend for fishing and water sports, or taking an evening cruise on a party boat in Playa.
  • Alcoholic Drinks—  A bachelor party is a special occasion, and it is the best time for drinks. If you’re the best man organizing a party for the groom, then you need to know what drinks should be on offer at the party. There are loads of options, check the tastes and preferences of the group in attendance and relay to us the details.
  • Clubbing — Either going out clubbing or renting out the VIP room of one of the hottest clubs in town. Nightlife and going out to a club in Playa Del Carmen is famous among tourists. Playa Del Carmen nightlife is one of the best destinations for going out.
  • Strippers/Dancers — This seems to be a part of nearly all bucks parties. Want to liven up your next bachelor party? Whether you want sexy bartenders to serve drinks, a delicious striptease

e or extreme show, just let us know and we will handle it.

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