Coco Bongo

People call it a must see if visiting the area, there you will enjoy some amazing shows Las Vegas style making it a fun night for everyone older and younger public. Coco Bongo is everyone is up for a great time it being one of the busiest venues every night.

 We like to present ourselves there early in order to find good areas for our groups since the club does not assure reservations of specific areas for any group, it is a fun place if you are ready for a hectic night packed with people.

You can always choose to purchase the VIP pass for your group and have an area where you can enjoy the show seated. You will always have a party host with you to assist you and insure you are getting you drinks on time, that you are comfortable and having a good time. Just keep in mind that Coco Bongo is a crowded place, but our party host will be with you there for make sure everything will be EXCELLENT.

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79 USD


  • All shows
  • Coco Bongo entry fee
  • Party host
  • We always arrive early to ensure better spots for the group to enjoy the shows
  • Premium alcohol and energy drinksare extras

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